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In our offer you can choose from wide range of colours, designs and materials of women´s and men´s underpants, which are created by the most modern technologies.   Pants are ideal as a first layer, which is the closest to the body and touches the skin. According to its functions is this first layer called "suction". It must drain the moisture and sweat away from the skin towards the next layer, where it evaporates. It is important because of thermal comfort. If sweat remains in the first layer, it cools and creates a feeling of stickiness.   Thermal pants are made mostly from synthetic materials, which are created of artificial fibres. Fibres do not absorb moisture, but effectively transport it far away of the body. This property is important mainly in winter, when we don´t want to get chilled.   These functional pants must have close-fitting cut and be in direct contact with skin - this is the only way how to effectively absorb and drain the moisture and sweat. If pants do not fit to the body, sweat stays on skin and cools.
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Men´s underpants POP M 01
Men´s underpants with turquoise highlights intended as a first layer.
Men´s underpants POP M
Men´s underpants with turquoise insertion.
Men´s underpants SEAM TWO PANTS M 03
Men´s seamless underpants with Silver antibacterial processing.
1 070,00CZK
Men´s underpants PCE PANTS M 06 print
Men´s underpants ideal as a first or second layer.
929,00CZK1 163,00CZKSale - Men´s underpants PCE PANTS M 06 print
Men´s underpants MODAL PANTS M 02
Men´s underpants intended as a first layer.
Men´s underpants PCE PANTS M 06
Men´s underpants intended as a first or second layer.
Men´s underpants WOOL ONE PANTS M 07
Men´s underpants intended for wearing on its own or as a first layer.
1 020,00CZK
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