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Materials and products

POP – 100% polypropylen micro

Products made from polypropylene knitwear allow quick drainage of moisture from the surface of the body. Termovel clothing has flat seams and anatomical design, which nicely adapts to the body and thus enhances the drainage capacity.More


Prolen is a polypropylene synthetic and highly elastic fiber composed of several elementary fibers.More


Prolen® Siltex is a special fiber containing silver ions. It does not harm the body, nor the environment.   More


Products made from the polyester/elastane material provide excellent thermal isolation, while maintaining maximal comfort and moisture drainage from the whole body. Lycra elastane also ensures form stability.More


Modal® belongs to a group of cellulose fibers. This cellulose is made from beech wood.  Modal® helps to speed up sweat drainage by the so-called knot-effect. It also feels more comfortable to touch and improves physiological properties. In case of the polypropylene layer, the used fiber (Prolen®Siltex) is also antibacterial.    More


Sheep wool is a unique textile material with unusual and unbeatable combination of properties – ability to thermoregulate, air permeability, ability to drain sweat, antibacterial properties, protection against UV radiation, elasticity and being hypoallergenic.      More


Bamboo fiber absorbs sweat in such a way that the skin doesn´t get dry and excess sweat is drained. Functional clothing therefore does not stick at higher temperatures or heavy exercise/work.    More


Highly functional reverse-side smoothened yarn made of Polyamid / Lycra Provides high comfort, elasticity, excellent thermal isolation, good air permeability, sweat drainage and has a long lifetime. The material has been developed using the most recent and innovative technology currently available.    More
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